Social Media Gaining with Small Business

We conducted a small business advertiser survey with MerchantCircle in early September (n=2,403). The results of that survey were released to I2Go clients in an advisory earlier this month.

Today we put out a press release and I posted a lengthy discussion on my personal blog Screenwerk (including about a recent contrary survey result). While there's a good deal of interesting data in the findings, here's the headline:

  • 45% indicated they had a Facebook page for their business
  • 46% indicated they had a presence on Twitter, either business or personal account or both

These results should not be automatically generalized to the entire SMB population. They're qualified by the following: the survey targeted the most frequent content-publishers among MerchantCircle’s small business members. However we believe these respondents may be a leading indicator of where the market is heading. 

Most SMBs, as you'd expect, aren't using mobile marketing right now. Mobile distribution for SMBs will, generally speaking, come through third party and sales channel relationships. But here's the mobile bit from the survey . . . the chart below shows the range of media and techniques that SMB marketers are using:

Picture 19

Just over 8% of respondents said that they were doing mobile marketing and 5.3% of them rated it effective. As a ratio that's much better than the 53% who said they were using a profile on a social network as a marketing vehicle and only 22% found it effective.